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Spoken Word

2004 Because the Spirit Moved.
A CD of poems, sitar, percussion, and guitar. In collaboration with Arundo Salon’s poet, GP Skratz and musician, Andy Dinsmore.


Brenner, Summer. Nearly Nowhere, PM Press.

Brenner, Summer. My Life in Clothes, Red Hen Press.

Additional Articles, Essays, and Poems

Writings have appeared in numerous anthologies, including: Wreckage of Reason: Anthology of XXperimental Women Writers Writing in the 21st Century; Petaluma Poetry Walk; American Poets Say Good-Bye to the 20th Century; The Unmade Bed; Cradle and All; The Stiffest of the Corpse; Deep Down: New Sensual Writing by Women; American Poetry Since 1970: Up Late; Rising Tides: 20th Century Women Poets, et al.

Essays, poems, and stories have appeared in journals, including: Beatitude, Big Sky, Carbuncle, Contact Quarterly, Dance Scope, Exquisite Corpse, Ginosko, Northern Lights (London), notus, Pangolin Papers, Poor Magazine, Processed World, Shuffle Boil, Stooge, Three Penny Review, WebDelSol, Woodstock Journal (October 2004 Surprise), Y.A.W.P., Yellow Silk, Zyzzyva, et al.

Theatre and Performance

Theatrical and performance work include three professional readings of The Missing Lover (directed by University of California-Berkeley professor, Peter Glazer) in association with Z Space and New College.

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