Until the Rulers Obey on Booklist

by Diego Báez
May 1st

The Arab Spring that dawned in December 2010 has been exceedingly well documented in real-time tweets, nightly news reports, and academic debates. Yet media coverage of equally revolutionary activity in the Spanish-speaking world has been surprisingly scant.

This volume, an expansive compendium of interviews and essays, seeks to reconcile that disparity. Editors Ross and Rein, activists at the forefront of international labor movements, have collected testimonials from grassroots organizers across Central and South America. The chapters span 15 countries and include dozens of firsthand accounts, from middle- school instructors in Honduras to the mayor of reclaimed native lands in Ecuador to leaders of rural agrarian movements in Paraguay. The editors strike an appreciable balance between Marxist jargon and everyday articulations of social and political realities, and succeed in marrying theory with an unmatched collection of primary sources. Given ongoing protests in Venezuela, unprecedented inequality in Brazil, and rampant exploitation of the natural resources throughout the region, Latin American social movements deserve this kind of timely and rigorous attention. An irreplaceable addition to current discussions of global struggles against social injustice.

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