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Counter Narratives: scott crow on Anarchism, Pragmatic Ethics, and Going Beyond Vegan Consumerism

by Vic Mucciarone
Animal Voices Radio
July 29, 2014

Building on ideas of larger struggles, crow discusses the philosophy of anarchism and the practical applications it has – how can anarchism create a framework for asking questions and challenge ourselves to envision different futures in which we don’t have all of the solutions.

Crow draws on his experience with Common Ground Collective, which was built up in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and what disasters reveal about collective liberation.

How do animals fit into this vulnerable economy involving our food and energy grids?

What does animal liberation look like through an anarchist perspective? Crow discusses starting with personal choices and asking ourselves what comes after that. scott crow is an international speaker and author. He has engaged his varied life as a coop business co-owner, political organizer, educator and strategist, activist, filmmaker, dad and underground musician.

For over two decades, he has focused on diverse socio-political issues including worker cooperatives, animal liberation, feminism, police brutality, environmental destruction, prison abolition, political prisoners, alternatives to capitalism and disaster relief.

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