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PM Press - Vincent Guihan.

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Vincent Guihan


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Vincent Guihan is a vegan, an activist, a writer and performed playwright, a blogger and cultural critic, a long-time cook and lifelong eater. When he is not busy pursuing culinary excellence, he holds down a day job, educates people about abolitionist veganism, socialism, egalitarianism and other social justice movements, and plays with his cats. He is a director of AnimalEmancipation, a Canadian NGO devoted to promoting nonviolence, veganism, animal rights and human/nonhuman animal solidarity, as well as a PhD. candidate in the Cultural Mediations program at the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Arts and Culture at Carleton University. His work addresses representations of animals as persons in contemporary literature and literary theory with a focus on the contemporary Canadian novel.

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New American Vegan
Author: Vincent Guihan

Publisher: PM Press / Tofu Hound Press
ISBN: 978-1-60486-079-5
Published: October 2011
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 240
Dimensions: 10 by 7.5
Subjects: Vegan Cookbook

All across North America, people are looking to make better choices, but also eat healthier, more environmentally friendly, and, most of all, great-tasting food. New American Vegan breaks from a steady stream of cookbooks inspired by fusion and California cuisines that put catchy titles and esoteric ingredients first in their efforts to cater to a cosmopolitan taste. Instead, Vincent goes back to his midwestern roots to play a humble but important role in the reinvention of American cuisine while bringing the table back to the center of American life.

Weaving together small-town values, personal stories, and 120 great recipes, New American Vegan delivers authentically American food that simply has to be tasted to be believed. Recipes range from very basic to the modestly complicated, but always with an eye on creating something that is both beautiful and delicious while keeping it simple. Clear instructions provide step-by-steps, but also help new cooks find their feet in the kitchen, with a whole chapter devoted just to terms, tools, and techniques. With an eye towards improvisation, the book provides a detailed basic recipe that’s good as-is, but also provides additional notes that explain how to take each recipe further, increase flavor, add drama to the presentation, or add a little extra flourish for new cooks and seasoned kitchen veterans alike.


“Guihan has a knack for infusing bold and fiery seasonings into fresh produce and vegan pantry staples--creating inventive, novel recipes that will inspire and excite the vegan home cook.” --Dreena Burton, author of Eat, Drink & Be Vegan

“Vincent shows people that being a gourmand can happen in 30 minutes, and at all skill levels. This book will have you running to your kitchen to try things out.” --Dino Sarma, author of Alternative Vegan: International Vegan Fare Straight from the Produce Aisle

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What others are saying...


new american veganNew American Vegan: A Review
by Mylene
My Face is on Fire Blog
April 2nd, 2012

Abolitionist animal rights activist Vincent Guihan's New American Vegan does all of this and more. The little extras in his book leave it rising (far) above most of the vegan cookbooks on the market these days. There are a lot of them and many of these books, sadly, are missed opportunities for their authors to actually educate others a little about veganism and about what it's like to go and to be vegan. Vincent not only shares his own experience going vegan, but provides some pretty useful advice on things like how to entertain as a polite but unapologetic vegan. He also goes over and above most other vegan cookbook authors in conveying to his readers how flexible and forgiving recipes can be -- particularly his recipes. He suggests alternative seasonings for the recipes, as well as substitutes for those harder-to-find ingredients.

This empowers the reader, whether a new or experienced cook, to feel comfortable being creative with the recipes without having to worry about wandering too far off course and possibly ruining t
he recipe altogether.

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new american veganNew American Vegan: A Review
By Amy Steele
Entertainment Realm
February 2012

There is the Best lentil soup recipe EVER—Old-Fashioned Hearty Lentil & Vegetable Soup—I will make this again and again. I’ll also make the Mango Chili with Tahini Cheese & Cilantro as well as the Stick-to-Your-Ribs Yellow Split Pea & Greens soup. Obviously I like to make soup.

Guihan devotes an entire chapter on sauces. “Sauces and dressings are prominent in many cuisines. They both add high points of flavor and color to a dish.” He claims that every vegan has/uses a lot of sauces.

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new american veganNew American Vegan: A Review
by Holly Scudero
San Francisco Book Review
March 19, 2012

Vincent Guihan has assembled quite a collection of recipes here, ranging from vegan standbys such as Tomato Herb Sauce and Simple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing to more unique offerings like Tofu and Kale Hot Pocket and Tangy Pumpkin, Tomato, and Jalapeño Soup. There is an entire chapter devoted to sauces alone, which can be mixed and matched with different pastas, salads, and entrees, such as Tofu Cutlets and Light Seitan Cutlets, for endless mealtime possibilities.

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