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Nicky Garratt

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Born in Leicestershire, England in 1955, Nicky Garratt is an internationally recognized guitar player and vegetarian chef. In 1977, he released his first recording (live from the infamous Roxy club in London) with his punk rock band UK Subs. Success followed with five nationally charting albums and eight singles. Thirty years later the band won a BBC poll as the world’s best punk rock band beating out the Ramones, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols. A thirteen-year leave of absence from the band saw Garratt building a successful record company (New Red Archives) while moving from New York to California.

Over the past forty years he has been an outspoken advocate for Science and Animal Rights, and is active on the lecture circuit on science advocacy topics. He now spends time between homes in San Francisco and Quedlinburg, Germany.

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Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine
Author:Nicky Garratt
Publisher: PM Press/ Tofu Hound Press
ISBN: 978-1-60486-323-9
Published March 2013
Size: 10 x 7
Page count: 256
Subjects: Vegan

Mango & Mint is a collection of favorite vegan dishes inspired by the foods of Arabia, India, and North Africa. It follows the philosophy of a cuisine free of meat rather than one that emulates it. One common thread in these cuisines is that they can be prepared in a buffet style without a centerpiece (historically the kill from the hunt or domesticated herd). 

Care has been taken to include sufficient recipes to build a complete buffet or a formal sit-down meal. Traditional recipes for familiar classics such as Humus or Chana Masala are enriched with tips and presentation ideas while established flavors and techniques are brought to bear on new combinations. This collection of recipes leans towards the flavorful with Arabic and North African creations such as Baba Ghannohj, Red Pepper Bulgar, Spinach Pies, Harissa, Donuts in Syrup and Indian favorites such as Apple Soup, Peanut Vada, Chana Masala with green chili, and Mango Rice.

The recipes range from quick and easily created to relatively complex but requiring only basic equipment and rudimentary skill.

A section called “Ganging Up” has ideas and procedures for planning ahead and saving money by maximizing resources. This includes buying in season, getting the most out of a barbeque, freezing, cooking in batches, creating vegetable stocks and base sauces. 

The final section “Recycled” has a selection of recipes for normally discarded matter like watermelon rind, leftovers, and wild plants.

An index for fresh ingredients enables one to quickly locate a recipe by provisions already in your refrigerator while a sample menu section coupled with full-color photographs offer presentation ideas.


"The recipes I tried from Nicky’s forthcoming book are exceptional. The Bingun Bartha’s depth of flavor from fire roasting the eggplant is stellar. The Peanut Vada show Nicky’s riff on a classic southern Indian snack food, most folks are probably not that familiar with in the first place. The curry leaf, chilies, asafetida with the toasted peanuts give these Vada an addictively complex flavor I haven’t found in restaurant versions of Vada. The instructions and header are very detailed to help walk you through getting the Vada to come out perfect. The Longan Fruit and Onion Chutney flat out kicks ass! And Mr. Garratt claims he’s not a chef? It takes a creative chef with a mastery of Indian spices to put together such a balanced chutney, I’m stealing this for Millennium!" —Eric Tucker, author of The Millennium cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine and The Artful Vegan, Executive Chef, Millennium restaurant, San Francisco 2012

"Nicky's fire-roasted Baba Ghannohj was absolutely amazing. Without doubt the best I've ever tasted." —M. Green, General Manager, Blue Table Restaurant (Los Angeles)

'"Nicky Garratt's knowledge of Indian/Arabic cuisine, and specifically the spices used in its preparation, is vast indeed." —A. McMullan, award-winning chef, San Francisco

"Nicky's meals inspire the realization that vegetarian food need not be dull to the eye or bland to the palate, and I recommend this excellent cookbook to anyone who wishes make such an agreeable discovery for themselves." —Alvin Gibbs, bassist of the UK Subs

"Nicky Garratt served a simply wonderful meal"
Creetin K-oS – Lead vocalist, Social Unrest, Sacramento, 2012

If I was Ted Nugent and I tasted Nicky Garratt's vegetarian cookin', I'd have to say to wild animals out there in the woods, y'all can stop shiverin' in fear for a few weeks!
Knox – Vibrators 2012

"All of the dishes hold unexpected surprises, like a kiss of smoke in the eggplant or a bright acidity in the lentils". —Jonah Oakden, Boulevard Restaurant (San Francisco)

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mangoMango & Mint: A Review
Cubesville 18: Roots and Influences
Fall 2015
Page 28-29

Nicky Garratt was the original guitarist with the UK Subs, playing on their first five albums in their most successful period. Long before I was vegan, the UK Subs were a great influence on my musical taste, and those albums still strike a chord with me. How fitting then that some years later Nicky should produce a vegan cookbook that got me poring over the shelves of the local Asian superstores for new ingredients and really stoked my passion for food.

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mangoMango & Mint: A Review
Kochen ohne Knochen
Vol 14

Nicky Garratt, Jahrgang 1955, ist kein Unkannter: von 1977 an und mit Unterbre- chungen bis heute war/ist der Engländer Gitarrist der legendären Punkband U.K. SUBS, lebt in San Francisco und Deutschland. Schon als Jugendlicher wurde er Vegetarier, lebt seit vielen Jahren vegan, und hat als be- geisterter Hobbykoch schon früh angefangen Rezepte zusammengetragen, wobei seine Vorliebe den traditionellen, schon von Haus aus veganen (oder leicht veganisierbaren) Gerichten Indiens, des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens und Nordafrika gilt. Hunderte Rezepte von süß bis deftig finden sich in diesem sym- pathischen Buch, das von der persönlichen Note und kleinen Anekdoten des Autors lebt sowie der erprobten Alltagstauglichkeit, we- niger von der Gestaltung: Fotos finden sich nur wenige. Joachim Hiller

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mangoMango & Mint: A Review
by Rukshana Singh
Library Journal
October 1st, 2013

Touring on the road as a punk rock musician, Garratt found that tasty vegetarian meals were in short supply-an experience that inspired him to pen his debut cookbook. The work includes standard sections on breads, main dishes, salads, desserts, and more but also features two bonus chapters. "Ganging Up" instructs readers on how to bulk up on staples such as precooked legumes, spice blends, and sauces to make cooking easier and more efficient, while "Recycled" contains tips on using leftovers, foraged items, and homegrown herbs and will appeal to frugal cooks. Garratt does readers a service by highlighting cuisines from regions that offer so much by way of vegan fare that they won't miss the lack of meat. A comparable read is Sally Butcher's The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian: Modern Recipes from Veggiestan; her book spotlights vegetarian food from the region, albeit with dairy and eggs.

VERDICT An entry-level and nontraditional approach to Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern vegan fare. Connoisseurs of these cuisines will need to look elsewhere for more depth, but this title will appeal to vegetarians and vegans seeking global inspiration to make everyday meals more flavorful using fresh, unprocessed ingredients and simple cooking methods.

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