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Tom Bates and the Secret Government of Berkeley

This is an article I just finished about Mayor Bates, a career politician posing as a progressive, and his destructive effects on the city. The bulk of the article follows Bates and the rise and fall of the progressive movement in Berkeley city government from the beginning of his career up to the present, based on extensive quotes from Bates’ own oral history and confidential interviews with other players in the political events. Beneath a thin progressive veneer, a conservative group led by Bates has taken control of "The Peoples Republic of Berkeley."

The article, "Tom Bates and the Secret Government of Berkeley," can be downloaded from my website

Excerpts from the article just came out in the Berkeley Daily Planet (, and they will be publishing different excerpts from it for the next eleven weeks. Beyond Chron ( will also be publishing excerpts.

I would like this information to be distributed as widely as possible, to help expose Bates and try to bring truly progressive government back to the city. So if  there are others on your email list who might be interested, please forward the pdf file to them. If you are motivated to help get rid of Bates, please write letters  and opinion pieces to anywhere in the media.

The first Daily Planet excerpt can be found at

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