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New Model Army Breaks Camp

 From a friend:

I went to the Occupy Harvard teach-in yesterday. Terrific, almost all about economics and the economy. After the OH General Assembly, I went downtown to Occupy Boston. It was very inspiring, like the Diggers or the Levelers breaking camp. All this earnest discussion about what they'd learned, what they'd done, changed the political discussion in the country, very true. Some want to go out dancing, some want to lock arms and be carried out by the cops, some want to occupy foreclosed houses, some want to move the encampment elsewhere. I was arrested by Officer Cold and sentenced to go home as they finished the announcements and proposals and began to discuss.

Follow-up next morning: OB is apparently still standing, the cops declined battle last night, which some of the occupiers were ready to give, putting up barricades. Others were taking them down, maybe the Dance faction, which had a live band.

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