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Pike by Benjamin Whitmer

Nik Korpon, author of Stay God, has a new review of Pike up over at Spinetingler Magazine. It’s the kind of thing I could quote all day, and though I’ll try not to, just because it’s not fair to you poor bastards who have to live near me, here’s one:

They say that great work begets great work, and this is a book I read not only with pen in hand to scribble in the margins, but also with my notebook beside me. Pike so inspired me that I must’ve written half a dozen pages of notes, just hoping to keep up with the lean, mean, nasty-ass poetry of Whitmer’s prose.

The rest.

Update: I think this has to go on the back of the book at some point. Or maybe on my arm, tattooed.

Imagine Postman, but with a heavy Appalachian vibe, and written on a Underwood forged from the melted revolver of every cut-throat cheat on the east side of Hell.

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