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Livewire Publications new books

Livewire is a small publishing house based in Dublin. We started with the autobiographical account of the remarkable but little known army captain and founder of the Irish Citizen Army, the loyalist-born socialist Captain Jack White’s Misfit, A Revolutionary Life.

Livewire publishes books that do not get through the mainstream publishing houses in order that those texts and their ideas can reach as wide an audience as possible. We work on a print-on-demand basis using CPI UK.  Livewire regards itself  as left anarchistsituationist influencedbut is not bogged down in ideology. Distribution is always a problem for small publishersLivewire uses Gardners, AK distribution, Distro, Central Books, Bertrams and Turnaroundas well as a mail order option via Amazon.  To order books or get further information go to Contact and How to Order.


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