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Are Wisconsin Prisoners Losing the Right to Read?

Bett’s letter stated that DAI policy required books and other publications to be new, shipped to the facility directly from the vendor, and claimed that Rainbow Bookstore was not a vendor.

Rainbow Bookstore, however has been incorporated in WI since 1989, and has operated a retail bookstore at 426 W. Gilman St. in Madison ever since. WBTP sent this information to Mr. Bett on June 6th, who then responded on July 2nd informing Rainbow Bookstore that the DOC-DAI requires all approved inmate property items to be “received new and from an approved vendor.”

The DOC Administrative Code, however, distinguishes between inmate property DOC 309.20 and publications DOC 309.05 in specific listings of the code. Although the code for inmate property indicates that property must come from “approved retail outlets,” this language does not appear in the code for receipt of publications, nor does the code specify that books and publication must be new. The code in fact says: “The department shall facilitate inmate reading of publications, including books, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets” -a policy that should be applauded given that a wide variety of studies indicate that in-prison education reduces rates of recidivism. The policy also states that inmates may receive publications directly from commercial sources.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners has asked Mr. Bett to supply information about how to apply for approved vendor status. The DOC has not responded.

Since their inception, Wisconsin Books to Prisoners has sent over 4000 packages of books nationwide. Wisconsin is the only state in the U.S. that is banning books to prisoners.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners is appealing to you as readers, book lovers and champions of the self-education of all people, to call Governor Jim Doyle (608-266-1212) and John Bett, the DOC administrator (608-240-5104) to express your concern and objection to this ban. Wisconsin is the only state in the U.S. banning books to prisoners.

Essentially, this appeal is about protecting the First Amendment rights of prisoners; freedom to speak includes the right to read (and not just tattered books by Louis L'Amour.)

Thanks so much,

Wisconsin Book to Prisoners

426 W. Gilman St., Madison, WI 53703





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