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Different Ways to Add Media

Simple Images

This is the SIMPLEST way to add an image which you can upload directly into the story.

You can see the syntax for the tag when you upload the image. In this case, we're wrapping the text around it and the image is on the left. The image is automatically resized by the CMS when you upload it this way.









Another way to add images us through the Media Gallery. Once an image is in one of the albums, you can include that image in your story with the tag as shown below.

You can add captions this way.
You can add captions this way.












You can embed YouTube and Google Videos in your stories too. All you need is the ID of the video to include it.








You can also create little mini-slideshows of images in the Media Gallery using this tag.



It appears you do not have the Flash Plugin installed, or the version you have is out of date and cannot play the requested content.

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To add an audio player, save the MP3 to the media gallery, note the ID number, and use this tag.


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